Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Romance Of The Mountains

Have you ever gone to a place that just seemed to speak to you? Almost as if God were talking directly to you in a sunrise or in the ocean tide. Perhaps the alpine glow of mountains? We all have places where we feel closer to God. Sometimes, it can be in your own backyard.       

For me it’s the mountains. I think I’ve been in love with them long before I visited the mountains for the first time. Probably since I was a child and I watched, The Sound Of Music and saw Julie Andrews spin around and sing, ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music.’

After I grew up and visited the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, well, I understood exactly what Julie was singing about. There’s just something romantic about them. The mountains have a way of taking hold of your heart and refusing to let it go.

For me, they hold such good memories. Whether it’s the time we spent there with our granddaughter, or simply sitting outside at night watching the stars, and feeling as if I could reach out in touch them, they’re so close. All good memories.

And it was on a particular trip to Pagosa Springs, CO that I found out I’d sold my first Love Inspired Suspense.


About ten years ago, my husband and I bought a small cabin at the foothills of the Southern Rockies and we’ve had so much fun visiting there each year. Yet for someone from Texas who had never been near a mountain before, it was an education.

The mountains have a way of creating their own weather. Storms are just naturally drawn to them. We’ve had snowstorms in August. Hail that covered everything in sight and looked like it had snowed. We’ve even experience a lightening snowstorm. All part of the allure, though. And if you’ve ever stood on top of a fourteen footer, well, you can see God’s handiwork wherever you look.

That’s probably why I find myself drawn to using the mountains as a backdrop in so many of my books. 

There’s romance, drama, and God’s majesty everywhere you look. What more could you ask for in an Inspirational romance.

What about you? Where do you go when you need to feel God’s presence the most?

In honor of the upcoming Love Inspired Suspense, Deadly Memories, I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of the story to one random winner. 

Deadly memories Blurb:
Amnesia may be keeping Ella Weiss from remembering her past—but not from saving the little boy who's been her fellow prisoner the last seven years. After managing to escape her cell, all she wants is to find where little Joseph is being kept. Instead she runs straight into CIA agent Kyle Jennings. Kyle isn't sure if Ella is actually a kidnap victim or if she's working for the gunrunner he's been after. One thing he is certain of is her uncanny resemblance to the wife he thought he'd buried. To save a child's life and stop a terrorist from slipping through his fingers, he'll need to uncover the secrets of Ella's past—and whether or not she's really the woman he's never stopped loving.
Available for preorder at:
Mary Alford

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